Screamin’ Acres

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Stoughton, WI

3865 Wisconsin 138, Stoughton, WI 53589 (view map)
Phone: (608) 669-2734

Rated #1 by Wisconsin Frights visitors 3 years in a row!

Screamin Acres is the most rapidly growing haunted house in Wisconsin. We are unlike any other haunted house in the area, we seek only to provide the best quality “Hollywood” style haunt. We are not about just scaring people, we are all about engaging our customers in one of the most detailed haunted houses in Wisconsin. Every inch of our haunted house is detailed to the best of our abilities. Not to mention every year we will be different, we will never stay the same. And by changing, we wont just move the walls; we will change everything about what we have. The Screamin Acres community is planned to grow every year, and with room to expand, the possibilities are endless.

2018 Schedule

Oct. 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 26-27

Blackout – November 3


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Screamin’ Acres Wisconsin haunted house review


  1. Went out for their blackout night tonight. LAME! not worth the wait or the money.

  2. Could’ve used actors in the long line waiting to get in, there weren’t any until we the front of the line. First couple of areas were understaffed too. Lots of clowns though, so if u r scared by that I guess. Cornfield had some people in it, but they didn’t interact. House part had too many actors with multiple in same rooms.
    Fun House was kinda dope, but out of place. U could probably find something better to do with your 25 bucks.

  3. My friends and I just wanted to make sure there was a shout out to the Screaming Acers people who were working Friday night. We came through with a group 0f 7. One of us had never been to a haunted house before. I had to do a lot of convincing to even get her to come along at all and she tried to wait in the car. She made it through the line and was about to bail when one of the actresses saw she was upset and asked if she needed anything. I asked if she could help my friend in so she wouldn’t freak out. She said she couldn’t at first, but when we asked more she said for just a few minutes. We went into some kind of dirty barn thing with some clowns we think they were trying to be? Like a scary rodeo? not sure. Sara made it through that with this actress, but would’nt go into the corn maze part. So they went out a side gate part.
    We were so excited to find her then waiting for us in a library room like a half hour later. The actress took her in, sat her in a corner where we didn’t even see her then when we came in she was there to meet us. It was good cuz she would not have liked the corn or the next part which was really dark and cramped. Most of us ended up bumped, bruised and sore after that area.
    Not sure who the actress was, but she had super blonde long braids and stitched up mouth doll looking face. She made the trip out. Thanks to whoever she is and Screaming Acers for a good night after all, would recommend most parts to others. Staff for sure.


  4. Gracious Rebel October 17, 2018 Reply

    Screamin’ Acres is a truly professional haunt with dedicated, energetic actors, professional make-ups (I can tell because I’m a make-up artist assistant outside of the haunt scene), incredible props and effects… it’s clear that the folks involved put their hearts and souls into it.

    It’s VERY SCARY and goes beyond just jump-scares, taking you into the truly disturbing and high-level mind-twisting elements of horror. Their website says it’s for ages 12+, but as a mom, I’d give it at least a PG-13 rating due to the unsettling nature of certain “scenes.” And this is a GOOD THING in my haunt book!!

  5. Nelsokay000 October 24, 2017 Reply

    They barely had anyone working and those who were only focused on the front of the group. Those of us near the back almost never got “scared” by one of the actors. Also, the group behind us kept catching up. Probably wont be going back sadly. The one good thing is that their sets are great.

  6. Honestly, screamin acres is a great haunted house in my opinion just because there’s so much effort in everything and none of the actors are slacking. Truly recommend going this year.

  7. Tina Miller October 8, 2016 Reply

    This is a quality haunted house, where you can tell that a lot of time and effort were put into the development of it. I like the lineup that they have for admission – they have a live DJ, fog, lights, the works. There are a few members of the staff that work the line, and I think they do a fine job of getting people amped up. The attraction itself is a lengthy one, taking approximately 45 minutes to navigate, with indoor and outdoor sections, bright areas, dark areas, wide open spaces and tight narrow areas. There are a variety of scares, from shady silent characters to speaking characters, and, of course, jump scares. There are minimal animatronics, which I appreciate, and the makeup is top-notch, as they have a phenomenal makeup crew with Glitter To Gore filling that position. I think all-in-all, it’s worth the price of admission. Take some friends and go check them out!

  8. This haunt will place a fear into your brain that will last forever, awesome professional actors, great attractions, this is a haunt that you need to experience!

  9. Lots of scare factor and a great fright experience! Tons of updates this year.

  10. Screamin Acres added on a lot from previous years, with scares around every corner and 4 attractions to get through it is well worth the money spent! Very impressed!!!

  11. We came as a pretty big group on a very busy Saturday night. It was a blast. I loved that we did not have to stand outside in line. It was really cold the night we came but we were all toasty warm while we waited to be scared!
    The actors were great. Your props amazing! I have recommended Screamin Acres to everyone. I love Halloween and getting scared. Screamin Acres exceeded my expectations! Love you guys

  12. Second year attendee and they kept the scares fresh with all new horrors at every turn! I thoroughly love this haunt!!

  13. Autumn Bishop October 26, 2015 Reply

    The attention to detail in this haunt is outstanding! The actors are phenomenal! I’ve never seen anything like this before! The Slaughter House is gory and disgusting and the actors working there are horrifically intimidating. The cornfield is creepy and suspenseful. I was terrified to turn a corner in the Crawlspace as there was always someone waiting to jump out at me. The Last Resort was creepy and classic and probably my favorite part. And finally Side Effects was so trippy I was disorientated the entire time but in a good way. I loved this haunt and I highly recommend that you go.

  14. This was my first year here. The experience was very impressive. Every house and every room had its own story. The attention to detail in the props, costumes, and the acting was superb. They varied the frights in such a way that you were never sure what was coming up next. Some of the scariest parts were also the quietest. The ambience really sets the tone for fright before you even run into any of the monsters.

  15. matt stone October 25, 2015 Reply

    Screamin acres is the most action packed haunted house in wisconsin. You must see it to believe it

  16. Gabrielle Steele October 15, 2015 Reply

    I LOVE SCREAMIN ACRES! I went last year (2014). I am planning to go back this year. I’m so excited. I would totally recommend for people to go to Screamin Acres, but not to go alone.

  17. I thought last year was scary and now they’ve added a whole new part, Crawlspace, which definitely freaks out anyone who doesn’t like tight spaces. 4 great areas, lots of actors including some real creepy characters and its just a few minutes outside of Madison. Don’t be scared, head out to Screamin’ Acres

  18. Took 5 teens to Screamin Acres last night and was a total waste of time and money. They have spent a lot of time and money on set-up, however, there was no “scare” in the entire trip. I scared the kids more than the personnel did. Lack of personnel big fail on their part. Nobody jumped out of the cornfield other than people who paid to go through the haunt. I wanted to tell everybody waiting in line to go home and get a refund. Went to the Haunted Barn last year in Stoughton and that was absolutely awesome. Wish it was still open this year! Will never go back and will not recommend other to see.

    • Lauri,
      Thank you for coming out to Screamin Acres. We do our best to provide the best possible haunted attraction in Wisconsin we staff 50+ actors every night so therected is no shortage of staff to provide high quality Scares.
      Please try us again in the future we are constantly upgrading our event and adding staff each season

  19. Maren Gryttenholm October 17, 2014 Reply

    Best haunted house I’ve ever been through. The music and lighting while waiting is a great start to such an amazing attraction. The walk through the cornfield builds suspense, and the scenes along the way, especially the church are great. The last resort is the best part. I can tell there is many hours put into making everything perfect. Lastly the side effects is the creepiest with clowns and 3D make up, cool and unique. Overall the atteaction is the best, from makeup to management, i have no complaints.

  20. Neat haunt. However, I cannot find anything. anywhere on the net and haunt review sites that states this haunt is #1 in Wisconsin. Also, the haunt opened for the season on Oct 3, did it not? A lot of the reviews were posted in September. Who was invited to the sneak peak? I cannot find anything on that, either.

    • Screamin’ Acres randomly chose fans on Facebook every couple hundred of new “likes” to receive a pair of VIP tickets to a sneak preview on September 20th.

  21. This was the most amazing experience next to the day my son being born. And we were told in advance that we were only seeing 97% of the experience during the sneak peek!

    When we started to run through the first part tour, I got kicked in the face and foresaw the level of detail that went into this attraction. Upon seeing it, I called back to the group of people a reassuring observation:

    “Guys, don’t worry! We’re safe! There’s light ahead, and it’s coming from a diner out in the middle of nowhere. And its clientele all drive pick up trucks!”

    Its your typical sight of a dimly lit, backwoods, terrifying scene. And it only escalated from there. Whether running through a corn maze, happening upon a satanic ritual, being greeted by a guy in a suit who’s name I’m guessing was Kevin, or watching a girl seemingly scrape the flesh off her leg, it was quite the romp through the many horrifying scenes we’ve seen in films, read in books, and fears that play in our head.

    I have a handful of highlights that I immensely enjoyed, and would share with you here. But that would give away some of the surprises. However, I will warn you to hold onto the railings in the tunnel, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you are walking through it, because your mind will not be able to process it standing upright.

    I went into this whole thing suspending all disbelief, immersing myself into the show I was about to become apart of whether I enjoyed it or not. But enjoy I did and then some! I didn’t know what to expect when I came that night (first year, too!), but how it was described to me did not disappoint. In fact it exceeded my expectations!

    Terrors abound and dangers afoot. No one left that night without taking a bit of terror with them to the dawn of the next day. Also, Kelly got lost driving back to Madison. And full disclosure: I don’t really have a son.

  22. I love the detail that goes into their makeup, costumes, props, and set design. These guys really go all out in setting the atmosphere!

  23. jeff in lodi September 22, 2014 Reply

    My experience is a little mixed. Overall, very good. The beginning section, through the corn, is quite slow, and uneventful; really, quite boring. people jumping out of the corn, with a scream, is a bit underwhelming; part of the issue, here, is that it is too dark to see anything, much less the scary characters. The shacks along the way, with the characters, is good, but too few and far between.

    The house is VERY good; great props, great detail, great characters; best part of the experience. I would be even better if the lighting was improved; currently lighting is too white and too bright; needs sound effects, appropriate music (not metal), possibly cobwebs. Once the effects in the house are tightened up, this would be one of the best. Some care needs to be taken to avoid letting people ‘seeing behind the curtain’. Too often, you can see power cords, lighting sources, etc.

    The Illusion house (or whatever it is called), is kind of fun, but a little out of context. It was ‘fun’ but not really ‘haunted’. It was executed very well, but it felt a little out of place.

    exiting the ‘experience’ is a bit odd; you leave the venue and find yourself in a pitch black parking lot. There needs to be lighting and some guidance.

    • When you came through, remember this was our sneak peak. Please don’t hold the ‘minor’ flaws against us.

      • jeff in lodi October 2, 2014 Reply

        Thanks for the clarification, Jacob…..I did not realize that the lighting had not yet been put in place, and that, there is plenty of light on the exit area, typically. That makes a huge difference to my experience…..I highly recommend Screamin’ Acres; my comment about the corn being ‘boring’ is just MY perception; others may enjoy the walk and build up, and anticipation of what is yet to come…..which may be a very strong positive characteristic for others who go.

  24. I went last year (2013) with hubby and our friend, Rose. They loved it. I cried my eyes out and the freaky clown guy had to guide me through. I later laughed about it, but I never realized how much I can get scared and how your mind messes with you! Super freaky, it’s their job, but nice people for the wimps like me! 😉

  25. Amazing haunt…best I have ever been to….keeps gettin better each year!!!

  26. ghosthuntermary September 10, 2014 Reply

    Have gone the last 2 years and this haunt gets better and better. The time they take in the props and the action by the actors was well worth the money. If they keep improving at this rate they will surpass other haunted houses.

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