Milwaukee’s Haunted Bar to be Featured in New Netflix Series

The spirits in Shaker’s Cigar Bar are so restless the Milwaukee pub is being featured in an upcoming Netflix series about haunted places, WISN reports.

According to Hangman Tours, who host weekly ghost tours through the “establishment’s sordid past,” Shaker’s has been voted the 5th most haunted bar in the entire nation. “Once home to a cemetery, speakeasy, and brothel,” the tour description states, “Shakers walls DO talk – and the tales they tell aren’t always pretty.”

Built in 1894 as a cooperage making beer barrels for Schlitz Brewery, the building changed hands many times before becoming a speakeasy in 1922. This is likely the era where some of it’s more disreputable apparitions came about, like the lady of the night whose stilettos can be heard walking around upstairs.

If you want some spirits with your spirits, Shakers’ drink menu includes Ghost Ale, Shadow People Lager, and the Death in the Absinthe cocktail.

“None of the architecture or antiquities in Shaker’s is indigenous to the building,” the Milwaukee’s Haunted Bar website says, “not even the authentic tin ceiling which actually came from the razed Plankinton Mansion. We are told that this is one reason we have a bevy of different spiritual entities, is that each architectural piece came from a different location.”

The cellar is one of the most haunted places in the building, as well as the guest rooms upstairs. “We had people attempt to spend the night all night in the dead hooker’s bedroom upstairs,” owner Bob Weiss told WISN, “and about 10% are successful.”

The new series, which will feature 8 haunted locations from around the world, will premier later in 2017 or early 2018.

Update: Jeffrey Dahmer tour featured on new Netflix series Dark Tourist

Here’s a WTMJ 4 report on the haunted bar from last year:

Have you experienced anything paranormal at Shaker’s? Share your experience in the comments below.

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