Spring Valley Scare

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Spring Valley, WI

Spring Valley Event Center S126 McKay Ave Spring Valley, WI 54767 (view map)
Website: facebook.com/svscare

Our Haunt is not a Walk Through…It is Interactive and Actor driven!

You WILL be touched, You may be Taken or even Locked away…in our Mad House it’s how we Play!

You may go in together but you will not be holding hands for long as you will not be coming out together….If you are not careful we may even make you a permanent part of our Collection!

There is a Lights On, NO Actors Walk-through and Trick or Treat for the Young and Young at Heart each day for 2 hours from 4pm – 6pm

At 7pm…We open to Teens and Adults (A waiver must be signed upon entering)

ANYONE under the age of 18 MUST have a Parent/Guardian present

Every year we do a Haunt we Donate the Profits to Local Fundraisers and/or Charities and the Humane Society.

The Dunn County Humane Society (which is a No Kill Center…<----Big Deal in our eyes!

2017 Schedule

October 13, 14, 20, 21 27 and 28

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Spring Valley Scare Wisconsin haunted house review


  1. i shit my pants & cried & got locked up & got taken away from my family

  2. Stanley Koziol October 28, 2017 Reply

    so cool we went through twice and we are driving the hour again tonight, and its cool that they donate all the money to good causes

  3. I’ve been there in the past and it was great fun.
    They also do a kids walk through which was fun for the kids they were really great with the kids and let them touch and play with the props as well as take pictures in some of the devices they use.
    I recommend it to all.

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