Wilmot, WI

Kenosha County Fairgrounds
30820 111th St, Wilmot, WI, 53192 (get directions)
Phone: (754) 666-FEAR
Website: www.soulreapershaunt.com

Soul Reapers Haunted House returns, this October, to the Kenosha County Fairgrounds in Wilmot, WI for another year of SCREAMS!

An old mansion, a witch board, and curious teens, what could possibly go wrong? Soul Reapers Haunted House is Wisconsin’s scariest haunted house event! Featuring room after room of true terror! This highly detailed, in your face, actor-driven haunt, will leave your soul begging for mercy! The witch board has been played, the demons have possessed the mansion, and the collection of souls has begun! Make your way through the mansion, only then to experience the Soul Reapers in their world! The Soul Reapers love to hear the screams of the innocent in Hell, and once you’re there, escaping, is not an option!

Soul Reapers Haunted House….”Your Screams Will Be Legendary!”

Soul Reapers haunted house at the Kenosha County fairgrounds in Wilmot, WI

2018 Schedule



General Admission: $15
VIP FastPass: $20

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