Beast of Bray Road

The Bray Road Beast is a Chilling Look at Wisconsin’s Legendary Werewolf

This documentary cracks open Wisconsin’s bizarre werewolf file to reveal the startlingly dark origins of the beast that stalks Bray Road.

Bray Road Beast Director Seth Breedlove Talks Small Town Monsters

Filmmaker Seth Breedlove discusses his latest film on Wisconsin’s own Beast of Bray Road legend.

An American Werewolf in Wisconsin

Watch the latest trailer for the upcoming documentary about Wisconsin’s legendary Beast of Bray Road.

Does the Beast of Bray Road Have Occult Origins?

A Beast of Bray Road witness discusses the possible Satanic origins of the beast in this clip from the upcoming documentary.

Beast of Bray Road Featured on Inside Edition in 1990

Wisconsin’s notorious werewolf in Elkhorn got national media attention when Inside Edition investigated the claims in 1990.

The Dogman Phenomena with Linda Godfrey

Linda Godfrey and Lee Hampel discuss the bizarre results of their ongoing experiments on his property near Bray Road. There are a lot of strange things happening in Elkhorn.

Beast of Bray Road: First Look at the Upcoming Documentary

Small Town Monsters unleashes the first trailer for a new film documenting one of Wisconsin’s most bizarre and harrowing legends.

Was a Werewolf Photographed Near Elkhorn in Beast of Bray Road Territory?

In January of 2018 a man claimed to have taken this photo of a wolf walking upright in Elkhorn, Wisconsin near the area of the legendary Beast of Bray Road.

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