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Twisted Dreams Milwaukee horror film festival

Twisted Dreams Film Festival

The Twisted Dream Film Festival brings thrills and chills to Milwaukee once again with horror movies, live bands, dark magic, burlesque performances and more.
Wisconsin Thriller 48 Drive-In Film Festival

Wisconsin Thriller 48 Drive-In Short Film Festival

Madison 48-Hour Film Project presents the Wisconsin Thriller 48 drive-in film festival with more than two dozen sci-fi and horror films by local filmmakers.
Watch the trailer for Blood Beat, a 1984 Christmas horror slasher filmed in Wisconsin

Blood Beat is a Weird 1980s Christmas Horror Filmed in Wisconsin

This weird as hell 1980s Christmas horror movie about a samurai ghost and a girl with psychokinetic powers is set - and was filmed in - rural Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Monster House

Does the Real Monster House Lurk in Mayville, Wisconsin?

The animated film Monster House, about a possessed home that eats people, takes place in Mayville, Wisconsin - the hometown of the film’s co-writer Rob Schrab.
Amityville Horror house wisconsin
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Amityville Horror House

The Amityville Horror house seen in the 2005 remake starring Ryan Reynolds was filmed in Wisconsin at this Victorian manor on the shore of Silver Lake.

Gags the Clown Returns to Green Bay for Wisconsin Premiere of Feature Horror Film

Gags the Clown returns to terrorize Green Bay in his feature-length big screen debut this October.

Wisconsin Horror: Slice to Meat You

Pizza delivery goes horribly wrong in this short horror film created by Mad Cow Productions for the 2018 Madison 48 Hour Film Project.

3 Terrifying Movies Based on Real Wisconsin Horrors

From serial killers and cannibals to disturbing cases of demonic possession, Wisconsin has no shortage of monsters, ghosts, and real life boogeymen.

Wisconsin Horror: The Pit (1981)

One of the weirdest horror movies of the 1980s was filmed almost entirely in Beaver Dam.

Ratbatspider Song ‘Hogsback Road’ Featured in Goatman Slasher Flick

Milwaukee horror punk band will have a song about the legend of Hogsback Road in the upcoming short horror film Goatman.

The Giant Spider Invasion 40th Anniversary

Wisconsin-made low budget horror film The Giant Spider Invasion has become legendary as the best worst movie ever made.
The best indie horror movies filmed in Wisconsin

7 of the Best Indie Horror Movies Made in Wisconsin

Check out these bloody and brutal indie horror movies from the minds of Wisconsin's demented filmmakers.
Horror movies filmed in Wisconsin

6 Horror Movies That Were Filmed in Wisconsin

You probably didn't know these horror movies were filmed in Wisconsin. Which of these homegrown horror flicks have you seen?