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Where to see Santa in Wisconsin this Christmas
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Where to See Santa in Wisconsin

If you’re wondering where to see Santa in Wisconsin this Christmas, forget the mall! These unique, if not strange, holiday experiences are one of a kind.
Evergreen Inn Hotel in Manitowoc

Evergreen Inn Hotel

Legend says the old Evergreen Inn Hotel building in Manitowoc has seen many deaths over the years, and those spirits still wander the halls and their old rooms.
USS Cobia haunted submarine in Manitowoc, WI

USS Cobia Haunted Submarine

The USS Cobia haunted submarine is permanently moored at the Manitowoc Maritime Museum, where tour guides have had ghostly encounters with a crewman killed in WWII.
Sputnik crash site in Manitowoc

Sputnik Crash Site

Visit the Sputnik crash site in Manitowoc, where a chunk of the Soviet satellite crashed into the street after breaking up in the atmosphere over Wisconsin in 1962.

A Wendigo Encounter in Manitowoc County?

A hunter shares his recent frightening encounter with a large unknown creature in Nipissing Swamp State Natural Area near Two Rivers.

Hot Rods, Ghouls, and Halloween Fun at Windigo Fest 2018

Windigo Fest's second year was bigger and spookier in every way, despite Christian group's prayers against it.
Windigo Fest in Manitowoc

Windigo Fest

Windigo Fest, Wisconsin's largest Halloween festival, brings spooky family fun to Manitowoc with costumes, live music, dark art, haunted history tours and more.

Manitowoc’s ‘Dead & Breakfast’ Featured on Around the Corner with John McGivern

John McGivern examines a casket at Dead By Dawn Manitowoc is home to a unique concentration of Wisconsin oddities. There's maritime wonders like the USS Cobia haunted submarine from WWII, as well as the SS Badger, the "last coal-fired passenger…

Windigo Fest Welcomes Satan into Manitowoc, Local Woman Claims

As if there weren't enough reasons to go to the Windigo Fest Halloween festival in Manitowoc, a local business owner claims it's actually going to summon Satan!

Sputnikfest 2017 in Manitowoc

Put on your tinfoil hat and celebrate the anniversary of the Sputnik satellite crashing in Manitowoc!
Dead by Dawn haunted bed and breakfast

Dead by Dawn Dead & Breakfast

Visit Dead by Dawn, the world's first haunt-themed interactive bed and breakfast in Manitowoc, WI where you are sure to get no sleep!