Wisconsin UFO sightings

Wisconsin UFO Festivals: Have an Alien Encounter at these 3 UFO Hotspots

If you're looking for aliens, these three hotspots for UFO sightings are Wisconsin are a great place to grab a brat, drink some beer, and maybe even get abducted by extraterrestrials.

Beast of Bray Road Photos: Wisconsin Werewolf Caught on Film Near Elkhorn?

Is this the Beast of Bray Road? Photos seem to show the legendary Elkhorn werewolf or Wisconsin dogman crossing the road on its hind legs.

Dartford Cemetery

Green Lake's old pioneer burial ground Dartford Cemetery holds the dark secrets of the idyllic community's tragic past, and its spirits are not resting.
Jeffrey Dahmer Tour Milwaukee - Cream City Cannibal

Jeffrey Dahmer Tour: Cream City Cannibal

The gruesome Jeffrey Dahmer tour! Walk the streets of Milwaukee where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, the Cream City Cannibal, poached 7 of his victims.