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Strangest Wisconsin UFO cases

Wisconsin’s Strangest UFO Cases

From alien pancakes in Eagle River to a man killed by an flaying saucer in Elmwood, here are 6 of the strangest Wisconsin UFO cases ever reported.
UFOs filmed in the sky over Fredonia, WI on Dec. 1st, 2022

Amazed Witnesses Film UFOs Streaking Through the Night Sky in Wisconsin

Multiple witnesses captured videos of UFOs streaking through the sky over rural Wisconsin, from Green Bay to West Bend and Milwaukee over two nights.
UFO landing in Mellen, WI is 1975

1975 UFO Landing in Mellen, WI

The strange case of the UFO landing in Mellen, WI is featured in an early episode of the series In Search of... hosted by Leonard Nimoy. Watch the full episode.
Elmwood UFO sightings

Elmwood UFO Sightings Sign

The Elmwood UFO sign commemorates the location of several important UFO sightings that occurred in the 1970s.
Wisconsin UFO sightings

Wisconsin UFO Festivals: Have an Alien Encounter at these 3 UFO Hotspots

If you're looking for aliens, these three hotspots for UFO sightings are Wisconsin are a great place to grab a brat, drink some beer, and maybe even get abducted by extraterrestrials.
Elmwood UFO Days

Elmwood UFO Days

Celebrate the annual Elmwood UFO Days with food, music, a parade, and plenty of family fun at Wisconsin's UFO Capital of the World.

Elmwood UFO Days Featured on CBS News in 1988

Dan Rather showcases the out-of-this-world festivities at Elmwood's annual UFO Days celebration and plans for a $50 million UFO landing site.

The Wisconsin Flying Saucer that Changed UFO Research Forever

After a 1934 encounter, Coral Lorenzen's interest in flying saucers lead her to start APRO, the first UFO research organization.

Massive Flying Saucer Witnessed in Sturgeon Bay in 1952

Was it a UFO or a misidentified weather balloon that Door County residents saw that day?
Tinfoil hats at UFO Daze

Searching for Aliens at the 30th Annual UFO Daze

Visiting a local UFO hotspot during the annual gathering of tin foil hat enthusiasts.

Happy World UFO Day

Marking the anniversary of the Roswell crash with a look at Wisconsin's own mysterious UFO hotspot.

UFO Filmed Over Long Lake on June 23, 2018

Video shows a mysterious formation of flashing lights over the lake in Dundee.
UFO Daze at Bensons

Dundee UFOs: Alien Encounters and Benson’s UFO Headquarters

Explore Dundee's weird UFO history. Mysterious lights and alien activity have been sighted around this Wisconsin UFO hotspot for decades, maybe much longer.
UFO Daze at Benson's

UFO Daze at Benson’s Hideaway

Share your otherworldly encounters and maybe see lights in the sky over Dundee Mountain at Bill Benson's annual UFO Daze.

Dundee Area UFO Researcher Bill Benson Shares Strange Stories from Wisconsin

An interview with Bill Benson from his UFO headquarters in Dundee