Creepy photo of a skinwalker caught on trail cam in Northern Wisconsin?

Skinwalker Caught on Trail Cam in Northern Wisconsin?

A Reddit user recently shared an unsettling photo in the Paranormal subreddit that was captured by a webcam in northern Wisconsin in November, 2023. The chilling image shows a seemingly misproportioned figure in a field at night.

The figure is so blurry that it’s impossible to identify.

“Unknown creature, skinwalker?” the OP titled the post.

Everyone in the comments seems to agree it’s not a skinwalker, but theories on what it could be vary wildly from witch to ghost to unmedicated grandma.

Is this chilling image a skinwalker caught on trail cam in Wisconsin?

Screenshot from Reddit user Particular-Map-999

Reddit user Particular-Map-999 shared the image on November 18, 2023, writing:

(Northern Wisconsin) My cousins friend bought cameras before hunting season and got this on his cams. My cousin sent the photo my way because I’m into Phenomenons. My background knowledge is skinwalkers and windigos but I have no idea what this is. Please if anyone knows what this could be please let me know. Could also be a hunter, but I don’t know anyone that dresses like that for hunting season.

“Whatever it is seems to be female,” user The_Dismissed commented. “I can see long black hair. Looks to be wearing a very simple dress that’s sinched at the waist. I can see three lines towards the bottom hem of the dress (a design). I see legs. Looks like she put her hand to her face. I can see her lips. The eyes and nose are distorted due to the camara but the figure looks solid. That’s what i see.”

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“It almost looks like a scarecrow-type setup,” user Kayki7 wrote. “What people think is her leg actually looks like a wooden stake/pole. Maybe this was someone’s Halloween decoration? I mean, this is way too thin to be her leg, right?”

AmishHeretic said, “To be fair I’ve probably scared some of the neighbors with their trail cams looking for my dumb orange cat at night because I was afraid owls would eat him.”

“I’m Navajo, skinwalkers are all white so that isn’t a skinwalker,” user Waymers added. “I’ve seen them a lot here in Arizona and have been conjured by 2 once, had to go to the medicine man to reverse whatever they put on me.”

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Some noted how the figure’s feet seem to be pointed in the opposite direction of the head, and what appears to be an arm stretches to where the knees should be.

Others speculate it could be a Native American spirit, a guy in a robe, a woman talking on the phone, or Grandma off her meds.

“Most likely, jackass in rubber mask,” user Impressive-Arm2563 said. “But I could be some form of haint if the rubber mask theory doesn’t pan out.”

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“Interesting capture,” user vulpes_moltuis wrote. “I will tell you that Wisconsin is a state with a lot of paranormal activity (my family and I witnessed some when I was a kid), so while I’m not going to say with certainty that’s what is going on here, it is definitely possible.”

What is a skinwalker?

A fearsome entity from Navajo folklore, a skinwalker is a witch that has attained the supernatural ability to transform into or possess animals in order to make people sick or kill them while moving quickly and hiding in plain sight. A witch (usually male in Navajo culture) gains the ability to shapeshift once they have been initiated into the Witchery Way by murdering a close relative such as a brother or sister. Skinwalkers are considered purely evil beings. Other indigenous cultures of the American Southwest such as the Utes and Hopi have their own versions of the skinwalker.

What do you think it is? A skinwalker? A ghost? A lady trying to save her cat? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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