UFO landing in Mellen, WI is 1975

1975 UFO Landing in Mellen, WI

On March 13, 1975, a UFO landing in Mellen, WI shook the small community. That night, a large silver disc with a domed top resembling a turtle landed on the dirt road near the Baker house. It made high-pitched whining sounds, and the Bakers heard loud banging sounds coming from inside. When they went back inside the house to call the Ashland County sheriff, they heard a loud boom, and then the craft was gone.

The phone at the sheriff’s office soon began ringing off the hook as residents throughout the area reported seeing glowing objects in the sky.

Two years later, on July 13, 1977, an episode of the new television series In Search of… told the story of that bizarre UFO encounter in Northern Wisconsin.

Hosted by Leonard Nimoy – Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek series – In Search of… explored real cases of the mysterious and unexplained, including interviews with the actual witnesses.

For this episode, the crew traveled to Mellen to talk to the Baker family about their brush with the unexplained.

Watch the Mellen, WI UFO landing episode here:

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