Wisconsin couple sees a massive UFO and then experiences inexplicable memory loss

Wisconsin Couple Sees Massive UFO and Experiences Memory Loss

A Wisconsin couple witnessed a huge UFO rise up into the sky, light up, and vanish in Hales Corners, and then abruptly forgot the entire incident until it came flooding back a few days later. What happened to them?

I received an email on November 7, 2023 from Dara H, who’s looking for answers to what she and her husband experienced in Hales Corners a few nights earlier around 8:30 pm.

“A few nights ago my husband and I were driving and I at first thought it was a huge light on a pole but then I saw lights go on around the object it rose up and blinked out,” Dara wrote. “I clearly saw a saucer with lights one by one in quick order showing its shape and size before rising quickly to blink out. I was almost scared to finally witness a true UFO as I always asked for clear proof.”

Dara says she asked her husband if he had seen it as well, and she remembers feeling irritation at his insistence that he “wasn’t sure what he saw.”

“But it was so close and clear there was no way to have confusion,” Dara says.

Then, in the midst of conversation and feeling overwhelming excitement over having just witnessed a real UFO, Dara says she and her husband just suddenly dropped the subject and instantly forgot it altogether.

“I was surging with emotions and instantly completely calm somehow,” Dara wrote. “It left us both and we had no memory whatsoever.”


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Then, a few days later, the memories suddenly returned.

“Tonight we were in the car at night, don’t recall our conversation or my thoughts, but it hit me out of nowhere what we saw the other night,” Dara explains. “He barely remembers it but recalls parts. We witnessed something real and it left our minds mid conversation.”

The original wonder Dara had felt during the sighting didn’t return with the memories. Rather, she was left with a pervading feeling of distress that something had invaded her mind and manipulated her.

“I wasn’t supposed to remember and I’m grateful I was with someone to corroborate something so hard to believe.” – Dara H

“I feel almost violated…hard to describe feeling I saw something I wasn’t supposed to.”

“What happened to us?” Dara wrote.

Memory Loss After UFO Sightings

UFO witnesses report memory loss after sightings

Lost memories, and even entire chunks of missing time, is a common occurrence during UFO encounters. Often, memories of alien contact or abduction are only recovered through hypnosis and other forms of repressed memory therapy. Science attributes many of those incidences to false memory creation from traumatic events such as sleep paralysis episodes or “accidental awareness” situations that occur when a patient regains consciousness while undergoing a surgical procedure with anesthesia.

This experience obviously falls outside of those kinds of reports, however, and is more closely linked to the kind of phenomena that many witnesses of the “Phoenix Lights” incident experienced in 1997, in which thousands of people witnessed huge triangle-shaped UFOs in the Arizona skies. Afterwards, many witnesses reported temporary amnesia, their memories of the incident going completely blank immediately after seeing the lights, and returning nonchalantly to whatever they had been doing.

One witness recalled how a group of people had pulled over, got out of their cars, and watch a craft slowly glide over their heads.

“Not a word was spoken,” he told MUFON investigators. “After it went on by, everyone got in their car and drove home.”

Another witness said, “We went right back to our tea.”

A Pentagon report from 2010 compiled numerous similar cases in which UFO sightings left witnesses with radiation burns, paralysis, amnesia, and even brain damage. Here in Wisconsin, a police officer succumbed to a mysterious illness in 1977 after an encounter in Elmwood.

What do you think Dara and her husband experienced? If you’ve had a similar experience send us a message or share it in the comments below.

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