U.S. Forest Service Addresses Sasquatch Warning Signs

A spoof sign issuing a sasquatch alert to Wisconsin State Forest visitors

No, sadly the U.S. Forest Service has not issued a sasquatch warning, Tobias Wayland of the Singular Fortean Society reports.

Signs like the one below created as a joke by The Pine Barrens Institute, an online resource for Wisconsin cryptozoology, have been making the rounds online for a couple years now. Many of them are duplicates of the Wisconsin poster with the state changed. But in recent weeks a new one has been popping up, warning campers of increased sasquatch activity in the Kootenai National Forest.

“Due to the increased flows in the Yaak River,” the sign reads, “sasquatches are coming down from the high country to feed on fish and vegetation at the river’s edge.”

The sign instructs campers to remain calm if they have an encounter, and follow these simple rules:

  • Do not run from sasquatch
  • Do not chase sasquatch
  • Do not feed sasquatch
  • Do go about your business

“Sasquatches will not enter an occupied camp, nor will they harm you,” the warning concludes, followed by a statement to report the sighting to nearest ranger station once the “encounter with sasquatch is complete.”

Last week the U.S. Forest Service issued a statement about the sign.

“The Sasquatch poster that is circulating around Facebook and other areas was not created by or coming from the U.S. Forest Service or the Kootenai National Forest,” a July 9th post on the Kootenai National Forest Facebook page said.

“Yeah we know the Forest Service has zero sense of humor,” one commenter wrote. “Didn’t need this update. Lol.”

But another didn’t take the statement so lightly:

That’s it, so just a general denial of the fact that they didn’t produce or distribute the poster, but they didn’t address the substance/content of the poster. Seems like a case where less = more. It’s now common knowledge that there are lots of people that go missing from the national parks every year and this agency, to this day, refuses to release these details to the public. So makes me wonder what else are they hiding…it’s quite amazing to see how many see levity in this article. I guess thinking outside of your comfort zones is a bit too much.

The comment seems to be referencing the work of David Paulidas, a former detective for the San Jose Police Department. Paulidas dedicated his life to proving the existence of Bigfoot, and wrote a series of books called Missing 411 that investigates the high number of unsolved disappearances in national parks.

Is Bigfoot to blame? Is everyone’s favorite hairy biped secretly working with the U.S. Forest Service?

I guess we’ll never know. But just in case, be safe out there, folks.

Wisconsin DNR sasquatch alert
Sasquatch alert created as a spoof by The Pine Barrens Institute in 2016

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