Whitewater legends

Mary Worth, Morris Pratt and the Legends of Whitewater

Uncover the haunted history of Whitewater, with legends of witches, axe-murderer Mary Worth, and Morris Pratt's school of spiritualism where students talked to the dead.
Grave of Nellie Horan and family in Whitewater

A Historical Murder Mystery in Whitewater

Though she was acquitted, evidence suggests Nellie Horan poisoned and murdered her family with strychnine over the period of two years in the late 1880s.
Evil book in Whitewater

Evil Book in the UW-Whitewater Library

According to legend, an evil book that drives readers to insanity and suicide lurks behind lock and key in the basement of a Whitewater library.
Hamilton House haunted bed & breakfast in Whitewater, WI

Hamilton House

The historic Hamilton House in Whitewater may still be the home of Sarah Posey and her son, though they’ve been buried in Hillside Cemetery for 100 years.
Haunted witch tower in Whitewater, WI

History of the Haunted Witch Tower in Whitewater

The haunted witch tower in Whitewater, a historical water tower in Starin Park, has long been rumored to be the location of occult rituals and witchcraft.
Haunted cemeteries in Wisconsin

The Eerie Legends of the Most Haunted Cemeteries in Wisconsin

From exhumed graves and axe murdering witches to portals to Hell itself, the legends and spirits of these haunted cemeteries in Wisconsin will never rest.