Haunted witch tower in Whitewater, WI

History of the Haunted Witch Tower in Whitewater

Whitewater has a long and weird history. Not only was it the birthplace of the country’s only institute of spiritualism in 1889 (and the final resting place of the its founder, Morris Pratt) which many believe stirred up a lot of restless spirits, but rumors of witchcraft are so common, the town has come to be known as “Second Salem.”

At the center of the witch lore is an old water tower in Starin Park called the Witches Tower.

Explore the history of the water tower and the legends surrounding the town in the latest episode of Gems of Whitewater. Included are the stories of inward facing spikes on the fence around the tower meant to keep witches in, a haunted book locked away in a local library so it doesn’t drive unwitting readers mad, the legend of witch Mary Worth said to have cursed the town, underground witch tunnels, and the claims of paranormal activity happening within the triangle formed by the town’s three cemeteries.

Watch the video here:

Want to go inside the Witches Tower? Check out the Whitewater Spirit Tour.

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