UFOs filmed in the sky over Fredonia, WI on Dec. 1st, 2022

Christmas Lights or UFOs?

Witnesses are reporting numerous sightings of strange lights in the sky across Wisconsin in early December, 2022 according to an article from Daily Mail. These possible UFO sightings occurred near Green Bay in the village of Howard in Outagamie County, near Wisconsin Frights HQ in West Bend in Washington County, Fredonia in Ozaukee County, and Greenfield in Milwaukee County.

Their videos show what seems to be five glowing objects zipping through the cloudy night sky over rural Wisconsin farmland.

Scroll down to watch the videos below.

Howard UFO Sighting

According to Daily Mail, Andrea Lynn captured videos of “multicolored lights flashing, swooping in circles and darting across the sky” in Howard, WI (near Green Bay) on the evening of December 1st.

She posted her videos on Facebook, asking, “Has anyone in the Green Bay area seen the random groups of lights in the sky flying around? Any idea on what they are?”

“In the first video, filmed from a suburban sidewalk into the cloudy sky,” Daily Mail writes, “one white light appears and then three more flash on in a triangular shape around it, disappear, then the central light moves off at high speed and disappears over the horizon.

“In the second video a yellowish light blazes across the sky in an arc, stops momentarily then makes a 90-degree change of direction.”

Video shows UFOs near West Bend, WI on Dec. 1st, 2022

Kimberly’s video shows UFOs streaking through the sky near West Bend, WI on Dec. 1st, 2022

West Bend & Fredonia UFO Sightings

Later that same night, a bizarre light show was happening about 80 miles south in the dark skies over Washington and Ozaukee counties.

West Bend salon owner Kimberly was driving home with her husband on Wallace Lake Road around 10:45pm when a glowing white object swopped down in front of their vehicle. This happened three more times, then Kimberly noticed the formation of glowing objects in the sky which she described as lights “in the sky shining down at us” rather than spotlights shining up into the clouds.

At that same time, Ken, a Fredonia resident, was filming the same lights from his backyard in Fredonia about five miles away.

“Videos from Kimberly and Ken both capture a moment where four of the lights appear in a row, with a fifth flying in from the left to join them in formation,” Daily Mail writes. “All five then shoot off towards the eastern horizon.”

“Earlier in Kimberly’s video, the lights appear in one tight cluster overhead, then split off into about four separate lights and fly away to the east.”

“Unlike most incidents from a single blurry, shaky camera,” Daily Mail writes, “this case has at least two witnesses who did not know each other and filmed the lights at the same time from different locations, according to their video metadata.”

UFOs filmed in the sky over Fredonia, WI on Dec. 1st, 2022

Ken filmed UFOs near his home in Fredonia, WI on Dec. 1st, 2022

Greenfield UFO Sighting

The following night, on December 2nd, teacher Chris Nowak was driving on with his family to see Candy Cane Lane when they spotted “a row of illumination through the clouds” while on I-43 near the Fox River overpass.

“For the entire 20 miles that we drove we continued to see it,” he told Daily Mail. “There was no rhythm to it… it was moving from a southwest to northeast direction, and then from a northeast to southwest direction sometimes as well.”

He pulled into a parking lot in Greenfield after a few minutes to film the phenomenon, which then appeared to be a “purplish-blue light hovering in the thick clouds, then streaks of white lights.”

“It shot through the clouds and broke off into like three different beams from there,” Nowak said. “It moved at an incredible speed. It cleared down to the edge of the entire sky very, very quickly.”

Firefly UAP Event

“Something strange is going on in Wisconsin,” according to Ben Hansen, host of the Discovery+ series UFO Witness. Hansen and his research partner Brittany Barbieri are investigating these sightings, and shared the details of what Hansen is calling the “Firefly UAP Event” in this video:

UFOs or Flanders Family Christmas Lights?

Researcher Mick West dug into the videos from West Bend and Fredonia. Based on Kimberly and Ken’s locations, he triangulated the source of the lights.

“This gives us a line of sight, towards the lake, just south of the small town of Belgium, WI,” he wrote on Metabunk.

Mick emailed the Belgium chamber of commerce, who responded that the lights could be from a Christmas display on County Highway B near the Holy Cross Church.

“They just added spotlights to their display this year,” they wrote.

Mick went to Google and discovered the Flanders Family Christmas Light Show on B just outside Belgium. The Flanders family sent Mick a video showing their six new moving spotlights on the roof. Watch it here:

We decided to check it out for ourselves – watch the video here. There were no clouds in the sky, so we didn’t see exactly what Ken and Kimberly filmed, but we did see the spotlights dancing around in the sky about a mile away. It is entirely conceivable that under conditions similar to that of December 1st, the lights would be visible from further away.

Thanks to the Flanders family for keeping Christmas weird in Wisconsin!

UFOs in Wisconsin

Strangest Wisconsin UFO cases

UFO sightings, or UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) are not uncommon in Wisconsin. There are three notorious UFO hotspots which have attracted nationwide attention over the years, including Elmwood, where a police officer was “zapped” by a UFO and died of a mysterious illness months later, and Dundee, where local residents believe a glacial formation may be home to a UFO base.

UFO investigation as we know it today began with Wisconsin native Coral Lorenzen, who witnessed a UFO over Barron in the 1930s.

Have you witnessed something strange in Wisconsin? Tell us about it in the comments below or contact us.

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