World's largest grilled cheese sandwich made by Wisconsin Youtubers

Wisconsin Youtubers Make World Record 400-Pound Grilled Cheese

To celebrate reaching the 100,000 subscribers mark on their Youtube channel, Delavan brothers Exodus and Iggy Chaudhry, ages 11 and 10, decided to make the World’s Largest Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

The brothers and their team (parents and friends) gathered in Milwaukee on October 21, 2023 with more than 300 pounds of dough and 60 pounds of cheese, along with some custom-made tools and a giant pan to cook up a record-breaking grilled cheese.

“After seeing a video of the world’s largest pizza, the brothers became inspired to break a ‘big food’ record of their own,” Guinness World Records reports, “and since their home state of Wisconsin is well known for its cheese, they decided to make the world’s largest grilled cheese sandwich.”

In order to set the world record, all the cheese had to be melted and both sides of the sandwich had to be browned. To achieve this, an open flamed cooked the bottom while the team used blowtorches for over an hour to cook the top.

The attempt was a success, with the final grilled cheese monstrosity coming in at 6.2 feet wide, 10.8 feet long, 2.7 inches thick, and weighing in at 418.7 pounds.

“It was 35% larger than the previous record holder, which was made in the year 2000 by Cabot Creamery of Vermont,” Guinness says.

More Wisconsin World Records

Don Gorske of Fond du Lac holds the world record for most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime

Don Gorske with a Big Mac

Wisconsin residents have set a number of impressive world records over the years, including our personal favorite, “Mac Daddy” Don Gorske of Fond du Lac, who’s eaten more than 32,672 Big Macs from McDonalds in his lifetime. In 2022, Don celebrated 50 years of eating at least one Big Mac almost every single day since 1972.

Don ate a Big Mac right before his wedding ceremony, he puts candles on a Big Mac for his birthday, and he keeps spare Big Macs in his freezer in the event of a snow day.

Here are some more important Wisconsin world records:

  • World’s Longest Meat Snack Stick – Set by Wenzel’s Farm, 2023
  • Heaviest whip cracked – Set by Adam Winrich, 2022
  • Earliest arachnid fossil (Parioscorpio venator) dating to 436 million years ago was found in Waukesha, 2020
  • Fastest Time to Drink One Litre of Gravy – Set by Steven Ruppel, 2020
  • Most Barefoot Waterskiers Towed Behind a Single Boat – Set by Big Pull, 2019
  • Largest Human Image of a Cross – Set by International Pathfinder Camporee, 2019
  • World’s Longest Glow Stick – Set by UW-Whitewater, 2018
  • Most Torches Extinguished by Fire Eating in One Minute – Brant Matthews, 2018
  • World’s Largest Cheese Platter – Set by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, 2018
  • World’s Largest Vinyl Floor Mat – Set by Milwaukee Bucks, 2018
  • World’s Smallest Ridable Unicycle – Set by T.J. Howell of Baraboo, 2015
  • Largest Collection of Smurf Memorabilia – Set by Gerda Scheuers, 2014
  • Most Turntables Used in a Synchronous Mix – Set by Gabriel Sandler, 2014
  • Most Perfect Games of Wii Sports Bowling – Set by John Bates from 2008 to 2015
  • Most Llamas Pulling a Carriage – Set by Floyd Zopfi, 1997
  • Largest Lawn Mower Parade – Set by Port Washington, 1997
  • Oldest Divorced Couple – Set in Milwaukee, 1984

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