Was a Werewolf Photographed Near Elkhorn in Beast of Bray Road Territory?

A werewolf photographed near Elkhorn?

Elkhorn, Wisconsin is known for the legend of the Beast of Bray Road, a wolf-like creature that walks upright and has been the subject of numerous frightening encounters dating back to the late 1980s. Whether the creature is an actual dogman of mysterious origins, or nothing more than a case of mistaken identity, it has been terrifying locals for years.

Earlier this year, on January 29th, I received an email from someone named Danny Morgan. In the message, Morgan claimed to have been in the Elkhorn area the previous Saturday night when he saw something crazy – a wolf…running across the road on two legs. This was just a few days before the “super blue blood moon” of January 31st.

“Hey, I took this photo Saturday night in Elkhorn north of Lake Geneva after hitting a couple bars with my buddy,” Morgan wrote. “I told my brother I saw a wolf run across the road on its hind legs, figured the full moon just causes animals to act weird or I scared it but he said there are werewolves in Elkhorn.”

Morgan said he thought he was on Weeks Road, but that he “kinda got lost after I dropped my buddy off and just went north until I found 43.”

Weeks Road is just a few miles from Bray Road.

WTMJ 4 received a similar email from Morgan. In an article that has since been removed titled “Great Scott: Wolf walking like a human?” Today’s TMJ4 wrote:

A wolf that “ran across the street almost like a man.”

That’s what Danny Morgan said was the “craziest thing I’ve ever seen” in an e-mail to WTMJ sister station TODAY’S TMJ4.

Morgan shared that photo which he says was taken on Townline Road in Elkhorn.

He said he “saw a wolf come cross a corn field and it got up upon its hind legs.”

The article included a somewhat clearer, photo than the one I received:

Werewolf in Wisconsin?

Seth Breedlove, cryptozoologist and filmmaker whose company Small Town Monsters is working on an upcoming documentary about the Beast of Bray Road, shared the image on Facebook and wrote, “Haha I could’ve come up with something way better than this. It looks like someone’s German Shepherd out for a stroll.”

In an email to the National Cryptid Society, Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters wrote: “I talked to the witness (Danny Morgan). From what I can tell, he had just dropped his friend off at his home (I’m keeping the actual location under wraps at the moments) He noticed the wolf in the cornfield (on 4 legs) walking towards the road. His camera was handy, because he had never seen a wolf in the wild. He slowed…and when the wolf approached the road it stood up on 2 legs and walked quickly across the road. He said it walked just like any human would…didn’t stumble or look awkward. The wolf was also swinging its front legs, like a human walking. Honestly, I believe the guy… Lon”

Werewolves in Wisconsin

“Werewolf sightings in Wisconsin were first catalogued in print in the 1930s,” Mysterious Universe writes. The first reported sighting in Elkhorn came in 1989. The Mysterious Universe article continues: “Lorianne Endrizzi saw a dark figure on the side of the road she mistook for a person. When she drove closer she saw it was a tall, hairy monster with the face of a dog, with prominent fangs and glowing yellow eyes. A local dairy farmer also saw the creature on his property that year, as did another driver on nearby Bray Road, and an 11-year-old girl who saw a dog walking on two legs across her family’s property near that road.”

Linda Godfrey, author of The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf, has been covering the case since the beginning, and has received hundreds of similar reports.

“Whatever it is, there is more than one,” Godfrey told NBC 15 in 2009. “It seems to be more of a scavenger that wants to frighten people. Maybe it’s territorial. It seems to want people to leave it alone.”

Photo of a werewolf near Bray Road in Elkhorn, WI

“Who knows,” Morgan concluded in his email, “maybe it was a werewolf.”

Have you had a similar encounter? Share your story in the comments below or contact us.


  1. Locals claim that it’s a dead head that wandered away from Alpine Valley during a Grateful Dead Concert

  2. Ralph us May 25, 2020 Reply

    Some people have it all figured out, it’s just a wolf with deformed front legs, and there could be one, but the police officer that seen it said it was all of 10 feet high, massive and hundreds of pounds! That’s quite a difference from a wolf with deformed legs I would say, and seeing a wolf on its back legs might freak SOME people out but not to this level!

  3. I saw the same upright wolf back in college at UW Whitewater when I was coming home from working a show at Alpine Valley. I thought I was crazy but then people started telling me about the stories of the Bray Wolf. Now I’m certain that’s truly what I saw.

  4. Harry Harris December 27, 2019 Reply

    Wolf like apparitions have been seen at other locations around the US. One of the most famous relatively recently was at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. The witnesses were the new ranch owner and his family when they were moving in on the ranch to raise cattle. The wolf in that account walked on 4 legs but was huge and seemed undisturbed by the families presence as if it was a tame dog. They tried to shoot it a number of times after it attacked some calves at point blank range but had no effect other than some ‘fur’ came off. Very strange story but was reminded of this by the accounts in Elkhorn surrounding area. Not a believer but these stories persist and most of the witnesses seem truthful in telling of their encounters. But what they saw is anybodies guess.

  5. Gale Mueller September 21, 2019 Reply

    Honestly it looks like a skinwalker. The fur is abnormal. Maybe it is a werewolf w mange. Anyway, Be careful out there. I live in South Beloit Il right now I grew up in Beloit WI. I did live a short time on the outskirts of Sharon WI. We woke one winter morning after a fresh snow and hearing strange noises outside our home all night to seeing extremely large foot prints of something on 2 legs all around our house, much of it focusing outside my then very young sons bedroom window near his bed. They looked like large feet w claws. Its scared us so much we moved back to Beloit shortly after.
    I avoid driving or riding around after dark and Im very hyper vigilant to odd sounds at night.

    • I live right in the middle of all that.. have you or anyone seen anything recently?

  6. Yeah somebody beat me to it but I just saw the same picture on TV, and it looked to me like some poor large shepherd-like dog or wolf (pretty rare for any wolf in most states these days) had been born with malformed front legs or it was injured such as hit by a car… and learned to walk upright to alleviate the stress and effort to use those front legs.
    All that needs to happen for a legend to grow is for several people to see that animal and it will cause havoc on their minds. If I saw a big dog, coyote or wolf hybrid walking like without my previously knowing about it, I would probably freak out.
    Once people get talking about it, the details are endless.

  7. @Daniel Webster …huh?
    Thank you to those that are brave enough to share their experiences with the public, I really admire you. Most people will chalk these types of sightings and experiences had by others as hype, lies, hallucinations, hoaxes, etc., etc.
    That is until they have their own little paranormal experience one day lol.

  8. Randy Duncan June 22, 2019 Reply

    To add some legitimacy to the photograph, this wolfe has to walk on its hind legs for survival. If you look close, its front legs are deformed, especially the right leg. It probably cant even use its front legs at all. So, i think this photo is real. In order to survive it needs to walk on its hind legs. There has been many dogs that i know of that for one reason or another had to have their front legs removed and learn to get around just fine.

  9. Daniel Webster June 8, 2019 Reply

    Mass hysteria is absurd that gunson’s the same kind of fate people that are scared of the reality of Aliens but I am looking for a more logical explanation perhaps the wolves in that area have learned to walk on 2 legs. It’s hard to believe I know but not as hard to believe As a werewolf.

  10. Carol johnson June 5, 2019 Reply

    Very likely it may be a paranormal Beast because reports of it disappearing right in front of people have circulated as well as a man who left out deer carcasses in front of his trail cam. What appeared on the pictures was a gray mist which showed up and then hover over the carcass and then be gone. The carcass would also be gone anytime the Mist appeared. You can’t shoot a paranormal Beast.

  11. A lot of mass hysteria hype!

  12. If this creature is real how come nobody tried to hunt it yet??? Like if its a creature of werewolf species that would be a pretty big deal wouldn’t it?

  13. I’ve had two reports from two seperate people who do not know each other, claiming to have seen a wolf-like creature, standing upright. They both said the eyes glowed red. Both will NOT come to my house again and one was audiotape. The animal was near my house, he was so scared he drove 100 mph to the end of the road and appeared again? Are there 2? I live 30 minutes west of Elkorn, in rural Beloit, Wi.

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